The CIK FIA World Championship have taken place this week end at Portimao Kartdrome to award the best 2020 driver in the OKJ and OK category. In this exclusive scenario, Pantano Team as shown a four way line up with one driver in the OKJ (Marenghi) and three in the OK (Ressico D’Aloisio, Valtanen, Pirtillathi and the new entry Saarniala. The whole event has been mostly spent on wet conditions making the Portuguese track even tricky and challenging for the whole drivers line up. In the OKJ Marenghi has tried hard to get the access to the Final but the hard fights in the middle of the field during the heats has rejected him. In the OK Ressico D’Aloisio, Valtanen (one victory in one heat) and Pirtillathi, despite a good overall pace, have been penalized by some contact,s, DNF’s and penalites. Valtanen got a P11 whilst Pirthillati got a P21 and Ressico D’Aloisio did not get the access to the final. Good performance for the new comer Saarniala, able to get the access to the Final and being able to show a very good potential.

Giorgio Pantano:It has been a very tough world championship for us and our driver. The weather has forced our driver to set up in a complete different way. Some of our driver has been very unlucky, such as Ressico, during the qualifying session not being able to set a very good lap due to the heavy traffic on track. This problem has effected all the week end. However we are happy about the overall performances of our drivers and now we look forward the next WSK race.”