At the track of Zuera Pantano Team has confirmed its performances with all the drivers. The Champions of the Future events, held this week end at the spanish track, has been attended by all the most important drivers all around the world as a race-test for the upcoming round of the CIK FIA European Championship which will take place in two weeks at the same track.

In the Mini category the dutch Keeren did not end into the TOP 10 due to an accident occurred in the Pre Final which has forced him to start the Final from the last row of the grid. However, its comeback ended almost in the TOP 10 (12), proving his speed and his racing mindset.

In the OKJ all the three drivers, Capietto, Abrahamsson and Smith did not get the access to the Pre Final as during the “Second chance” heat they struggled more the expected in some hard fights in the middle of the competitor’s field. Last but not least, in the OK category, the fyling finn Valtanen got the pole position overall plus two victories in the heats before been kicked out in the Pre Final by Day and in the Final by Turney. In both cases the finnish ended 5th after an incredible and emotional comeback.

Giorgio Pantano:It has been a pretty intense week end for all our drivers. In the Mini Keeren made a good job after a tough start from the far back of the grid. I am upset about what happened to Valtanen who has been pushed out twice (Pre Final and Final) sby some very dangerous maneuvers. He was very quick and he really deserve to step on the podium. We’ll bring it back next time!!”.