It has not been a very satisfactory week end for the Pantano team’s drivers at Lonato. The 2nd round of the WSK Super Master Series has forced th whole technical crew to extra work during the entire week end to sort out some issues and to set up the usual pace. In all the three categories the drivers have suffered a lack of performances and some multiple accidents.

In the OK category Lorenzo Ressico d’Aloisio had to give up during the very first practice session for a kind of flu which had runned down the Italian driver convincing him to quit. In the 60 Mini neither Keeren nor Kamenik survived to some crashes during the heats being pulled put to the Pre Final grid even if they were having a good pace.

In the OKJ Abrahmsoon had to make some experience in his first race with the Pantano Team and against such super talented competitors whilst Bergstrom struggled more then expected to find the right setting of its go kart. Either Capietto (28th) and Smith (22th) did not scored the proper result but both able to join the Final. A tough week end for the Italian team which is now looking forward the upcoming test at la Conca toward sthe 3rd round of the WSK Super Master Series.

Giorgio Pantano: “For many different reasons we have struggled much more planned this week end. We haven’t been able to provide to our driver the usual technical pack and despite to the big effort putted by all of us (team and drivers) we didn’t sorted out our issues. It’s a pity as the first races of the season were very satisfactory. We’ll come back stronger at La Conca”.